Online Poems
28th April, 1996

Written in the style of, for example, Thomas Gray.

Lorem Ipsum - In Honour of the Occasion of C_____'s 30th Birthday

When back thro' swirlin' Mists of bygone Days,
I cast mine Eyes to view what's passed before,
Along the long and cool sequester'd Ways
Of un-named Footsteps on Life's lonely Shore,
I see so clearly, as I made my Way,
That by my Side an Other also strode
And held mine Hand and pass'd the Time of Day
And chatter'd gaily on the windswept Road.
The frozen Hours of chilly Winter Nights,
The sunny Minutes of the Summer Days -
The Joys the Torments, Sorrows and the Fights,
We shared them all through Life's long tangl'd Maze.
And so we went and so we shall as One
March on together 'til our Days are gone.
Still at my Side,the Darlin' of my Life,
My Friend, my Lover and, of course, my Wife.