Online Dictionaries
A small collection of free online dictionaries that are available to browse or search.

Nerdic Dictionary

 The Nerdic Dictionary is an ever-growing, searchable dictionary of the world's fastest-growing language.

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

 The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue dates from 1811 and this is probably the only full, uncensored version of this dictionary on the internet. All the original crudities have been restored and it offers an interesting perspective on Common English from the time of the Regency and Jane Austen.

The Devil's Dictionary

 The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce is a searchable dictionary of gentle satire.

Polari Dictionary

 The Online Polari Dictionary is probably the only, searchable Polari dictionary on the internet.

Lingua Franca-English-Lingua Franca Dictionary

 The Lingua Franca-English-Lingua Franca Dictionary offers a useful, searchable vocabulary of one the latest candidates for a universal language.